Makers of New Zealand’s finest hand-crafted
furniture, since the 1980's

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Makers of New Zealand’s finest hand-crafted furniture, since the 1980's

Welcome to Willetts Furniture

Willetts Furniture is designed by Colin Willetts and handcrafted in the ambient setting of the historic precinct in Oamaru, New Zealand, by a team of experienced and loyal crafts people. Inherent to all Willetts pieces is the attention to quality and detail, starting with the finest sustainably managed NZ native timber and continually adapting to using environmentally friendly products and practices wherever possible.

The seven Willetts styles incorporate beautiful finishes ranging from aged antique patina to slick modern clean presentation designed for today’s varied lifestyles.

Our Collections

Crafted today mostly from native New Zealand Silver Beech (FSC accredited) all of the furniture carries the Willetts manufacturer’s guarantee. The various Willetts finishes can be interchanged from style to style and alterations to designs can usually be accommodated.

Since the 1980’s Willetts Furniture has built a strong reputation for producing top quality, handcrafted furniture.

In 1982 Colin Willetts had a crazy idea that he could build a sea-chest from the surplus demolition timber in his demolition yard, having had no joinery training or experience. The first interior design store owner to view the prototype immediately ordered two for himself and twenty more for his store, catapulting the fledgling business into production. Seven years later, outgrowing the demolition yard, Willetts Furniture moved in to become the major tenant of the ‘new’ Historic Precinct development, and went on to employ more than 100 staff and sell the developing range around New Zealand, also exporting to Australia and the UK. Over the years Willetts traditional craftsmanship has been highly sought after by local and international designers to furnish NZ’s leading hotels and resorts.

  • Millbrook Resort, Queenstown—voted into the top 500 resorts worldwide
  • Eichardts Hotel, Queenstown—voted world's best small hotel
  • St Moritz, Queenstown—voted NZ hotel of the year 3 years running
  • Highfield Mews, and the newly opened Mariner Suites in Oamaru are among many highly acclaimed resorts, hotels, motels, and specialist accommodation providers, who have chosen Willetts Furniture.
In the early 2000s with the banning of Rimu logging, the influx of imported furniture, the general downturn in manufacturing of furniture in NZ, and being a victim of major internal fraud, Willetts Furniture downsized and restructured in order to carry on. The reputation of the beauty and quality of the furniture enabled the regrowth of the business. Today Willetts Furniture is a small family-owned New Zealand business with a loyal and talented workforce, still operating from the Historic Precinct in Oamaru. The smaller nature of the business provides a personal, semi-bespoke service to customers.

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